Wednesday, June 09, 2004

My writing is back on track. I am going to finish up this section then get it over to my friend who said that she would look at it. It is a fair trade since I keep her computer up to date and virus free. Then I am going to work on my last 6000 word to work it into the final format that it is going to be in. I will then work on the last section which is completely new. I also somehow have to fit in a literature review in there somewhere. I hope I can find a place for it. I am going to keep it short and sweet since I do not want it to take up too much room for my thesis.

Otherwise, I saw a woman with one of those hats with the leaves coming out of it. It looked like she had a plant growing out of her head. I did not have the courage to tell her that it looked ridiculous. I am making final preparations for going to Kilkenny. I am going to go a day early to Dublin then spend the night. The next day I will take the bus to Kilkenny and check-in. Then I have non-stop meetings until the dinner the next day with wine provided. I have a feeling that I will be weaving my way home that night. For the most part, I am going to keep my mouth well shut so that I do not make a fool of myself.

Anyway, I have to get writing.

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