Sunday, June 20, 2004

On Friday, I went to the best Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, Original Kushi's. It is across the car park from the university. I had walked by it a hundred times without even looking at it. It looks a bit trendy so I avoided it on principle. However, we were looking for a new Indian place to go so we went there. Come to find out. It is an Edinburgh institution since 1947. I would highly recommend going. When I was there, they had a large screen TV with a Bollywood movie on. It was really fascinating noticing two things. First, was my Pavolvian response to TV. I had to watch it even if it was not in English. Second, was that I could figure out the storyline without having to hear it (the sound was turned off) or understand it (it was obviously in Hindi). All the cliches were there. Hero, villain, good looking girl who was in love with the hero but was the sister of the villain, the hero's nerdy friend, etc., etc.

Otherwise, I have been working on my second essay. I have my train tickets to Aldeburgh. I will go through Peterborough and then to Ipswitch, where my parent's friends will pick me up. We are going to celebrate the Fourth of July with a BBQ with their family. It will be interesting to see all the places where my parents hung out when they were my age. So the blog might go a bit stale while I am gallivanting off to different corners of the British Isles.

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