Sunday, July 18, 2004

I finally succumed. I did some reading on Marxism. I had be courious for a while about it and why it was so hated in the US for so long. Even now to be called a communist brings back memories of McCarthy. So I read this introduction to Marixism. Well, I found some interesting material there and some things to think about, which I promptly did. I found one great flaw in both Marxism and Capitalism, overproduction. Marxism takes the line that production will out strip capitalists ability to control it thus creating the conditions for the workers, when they realize that they control the over production rather than the capitalists, to revolt and try to give everything to everybody because there is too much of everything to go around. Well, here is the great problem. For consistant overproduction to happen, there must be an unlimited amount of resource avaliable. There must be unlimited resources for the overproduction to continue. Thus even if there were over production, it would only be temporary because once one of the basic resources that created the overproduction in the first place is exhausted, the over production must come to an end. There is just no way around it. Even if we apply this to an universe wide scale, it applies. There is just only so much material in the universe. This is also a problem for capitalism. There is only so much raw material to turn into something else that we find "useful". Thus you can pour all the human effort into something but it is all wasted if all the raw material is gone. Even if you try to make material out of Energy, there is no "pure" energy lying around for you to use. It all comes from material somewhere. Until we can make the conversion of energy into material worthwhile (which will never happen according to the current laws of physics), both Marxism and Capitalism will have the same material problem.

Ok. That is enough of my rambling.

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