Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ok. Sorry for the delay as always. Last night was a very interesting night at Sandy Bell's. There was a guy with a heavy Scots accent and a kilt on who sang the most beautiful Italian love songs. He had a tenor which would rip through the entire pub, which is completely noisy), and was as smooth as silk. He was flawless. I saw him later with a bunch of guys dressed up as 16th century Italian minstrals.The rest of the night was very good even for Sandy Bell's standards.

Well, the past few days, I have been working for the University, helping out at a conference put on by the Celtic Studies department. I ended up being the "powerpoint" guy since I had all the experience with it. I saw a bunch of people that I had not seen since the end of second term so it was fun. I also made £5.50 an hour so it will be the first income that I have had in some time.

Anyway, back to work on the paper.

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