Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sorry for not writting for a while. I went down to Aldeburough to see friends of my parents from the time they were stationed at Bentwater Air Force Base. I will write more about it in a few days.

Otherwise, I have put up pictures from Kilkenny and my trip to Iona at http://photos.yahoo.com/chrisyocum666. I have a short commentary for the Kilkenny and Edinburgh album.

#4 - St. Andrew's Square Coloumn in New Town #5 - Princes Street east end facing west end (the big brown thing is the Sir Walter Scott Memorial) #6 - Courtyard of Old College University of Edinburgh #7 - Nicolsen Street (the main street near the Old Town) #8 - The River Liffey at low tide #9 - St. Stephen's Green pond Dublin #10 - Gate of Trinity College Dublin (notice the counter on traffic light; it counts down between red and green lights to let you know how long you have to wait) #11 - Buskers (people who play music for money on the streets) on Grafton Street Dublin #12 - Andean Buskers on Grafton Street Dublin with a woman who thinks she is in a hair commercial #13 - William Yeats Memorial in St. Stephen's Green Dublin #14 - Entrance of St. Stephen's Green Dublin #15 - Grafton Street (notice Captin America Bar) #16 - More Buskers on Grafton Street Dublin (these are high school kids practicing for school) #17 - Traditional Celtic Music Buskers in an alley off Grafton Street Dublin #18 - The sign pointing to Grafton Street Dublin #19 - Trinity College Dublin Gate from the other side #20 - More buildings in Trinity College Dublin #21 - Just inside the gate at Trinity College Dublin #22 - Guinness Brewery Dublin #23 - Looking east down the Liffey River Dublin #24 - Anglican Cathedral Kilkenny #25 - Another view of the Anglican Cathedral Kilkenny #26 - Downtown Kilkenny #27 - More Downtown Kilkenny #28 - Catholic Cathedral Kilkenny as seen from St. Keiran's College Kilkenny #29 - My Accomodation in Kilkenny #30 - St. Keiran's College Kilkenny #31 - Gate of St. Keiran's College Kilkenny #32 - More Downtown Kilkenny (notice the cat and Guiness sign) #33 - Kilkenny Castle as seen from the River, which splits the town in half #34 - More downtown Kilkenny #35 - A chruch just outside Kilkenny Train station

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I will have a commentary on the Iona pictures later. I will probably post them here from now on so if you want to see if I have any more pictures go to the address above. I have a hard time sending the originals because they are so big that I have to send them one at a time (my university email server will not accept attachments that are too big).

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