Sunday, July 11, 2004

Well, I put most of the footnotes in my final section of my paper. I am now sitting at 14,500 words but I still have to make them all fit together in some good way. I am pretty sure that I am going to go into the 10% part. They say that you can go 10% over but no farther. I finally have a feeling like I can do this and it is all coming together at the right time. I think it was getting those footnotes in that paper that helped enormously

Anyway, I have been agonizing over what is happening in United States these days. With my experience here, I have begun to wonder if I really should ever want to go home. I vehemently dislike the neo-conservatives and their agenda for controlling my personal life. They seem to me the worst of the worst of the fascists. They keep proclaiming freedom with their mouth and taking it away with their iron fisted right hand. This dissemble. That I think it the worst part. Although, there is another side of the coin. I read a great speech by August Wilson, a playwrite from Seattle, to the graduating class at the University of Washington.

It is a speech in the classical style and it reminds every citizen of the United States what exactly is at stake. It also is probably the best speech that I have seen/heard in the US since the Second World War. I would ask everyone to read it and think about what he has to say.

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