Saturday, August 07, 2004

As I told you yesterday, starting the day with a fire alarm is just not the way to start. Everyone went down in various states of undress. At least it was slightly warm. It threw off my entire day though. I just could not pull myself together to get anything useful done other than calling the UK Visa office in Los Angeles.

So I call them and I finally get to talk to someone. I explain my situation and basically ask if I could get my visa stuff done at the Seattle office since now everyone who is not coming to the UK for vacation must have an entry clearenece, which costs $68. Nope. The Seattle office cannot do visa stuff and I am better off going to the Home Office in Glasgow. Well, to get my visa extended in Glasgow, I have to get an appointment and pay £250 for the privledge!! It was that or flying down to LA which would have cost about as much as I tried to get around LA and find a place to sleep since I would bet that I could not get in on the day that I landed. Not only that but LA is on my "Places Chris Will Never Go" with such places as LA, NY, UT, and TX.

Needless to say, it was a frustrating day for me. I am hoping that today will be better.

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