Friday, August 27, 2004

I have put some thought to my experiences here in Scotland. I know that I have changed in many ways but since they are a part of me, I have no way to seperate the changes from the "me" so if you ask me about what I think about myself now compaired to what I thought about myself then, I would not be able to answer you. I know that this is going to be frustrating for many of you that knew me before I left for Scotland. There is just no other way to describe it. So I guess it would be best to just listen to the stories that I have and the things that I have seen or done.

On to more interesting things, there are these Shakesperean actors doing parts of MacBeth in the close just outside my window in James Court. These actors ENUNCIATE and make an awful racket outside my window. I want to hang out my window and make rude comments on their performance like one of those old men in the muppet show. Well, it is almost over now as the fringe winds down near the end of the month. As for the quality of the fringe, I would have to say this is almost like Hogmanay. It really just never happened because of the wind and the rain, which deluged Scotland for most of the month.

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