Saturday, August 14, 2004

I watched the opening of the Olympics live with free pizza and beer. Well, it was crap beer so I avoided it but I ate the pizza. Anyway, it was with the other international post-graduates so when people's countries came out onto the field, they cheered for their country except for the Americans who just look nervously at each other. Americans residing in Scotland try to keep a low profile since they get innundated with questions about Bush et al., which not everyone can answer. Anyway, we had a good time despite the fact that this jackass cannot seem to get his head out of his ass. I could not belive what this guy was saying and he is a senior guy on the Council for Foreign Relations and supposedly knows something about the human spirit so that he can truly help with understanding the world. He is nearly as bad as a hard core communist but he is tolerated only because his ideal is in power right now. As the BBC commenator for the Olympic Starting Ceremony said, "The Olympics are a jolly good idea and it should be supported." You go British dude.

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