Saturday, October 16, 2004

I got restless and lazy today, which is never a good combination to have. So I went for a walk over to Arthur's Seat. I did not quite make it since they just opened the Scottlish Parliament building which is on the way to Arthur's Seat. So I popped in to take a look. Well, it is not quite as bad as EMP but it is pretty darn close. It does not even look Scottish, which I would appreciate more if it did not look like total crap.

In other news, I got a receipt from the Registry office out of the blue today. I wonder who got their ass in gear to get it to me. Anyway, I only need to get the money together and get a three month bank statement. I have been waiting so that my big checks pass before I get it so I do not look horribly poor.

Otherwise, things are going well at the moment.

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