Friday, October 15, 2004

Well, I did something the other day that I would never do in the US. I took out £2300 from the bank and walked it three quarters of a mile to the accommodation services. This was necessitated by the registry department whom without my usual contact is a bunch of complete idiots. I told them to pay my rent when they converted my money to pounds. They didn't. So I took the check they had and deposited it at the bank then the next day took the money out. This was because it would take them another few weeks to void the check, pay the money and cut me a new check. Again since I am working under a time constraint, I had to take the money and run as fast as I could so I could have all the paper work for immigration. Hopefully, by Monday, I will have everything that I need and I will turn it all in at the international office. This whole process with the registry department has been so aggravating. My normal contact is out sick at the moment and the entire department is stupid without her.

Otherwise, I have taken up learning Modern Irish as much as Old Irish. I have been using RTE Raidió na Gaeltachta to listen to Irish over the web (I am just listening and they are playing Latin Salsa music. Just the way you want to spice up that night in the bothy). Just click on the speaker symbol at the bottom of the page if you want a listen. Anyway, I hope this stupid immigration thing gets over with soon.

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