Monday, November 29, 2004

I had my meeting with my Bank of Scotland person today. She was really nice and helpful which is a great change from the Royal Bank of Scotland. They were even able to get me a credit card here in the UK. I went ahead and got it even though I do not need another credit card. I should have understood what she was asking on the phone on Friday but I had half shaven my face when she called. By the end of the meeting, I had her laughing because of my jokes about the Royal Bank of Scotland. She particularly liked the "Royal Pain In The Ass of Scotland" line.

My roommate took the router down to the local computer place from which we bought it. He was very nice and gave us a new plug for it because it seemed to work fine. He also gave us a surge protector so it would not happen again. He said that if we still had problems that we could just return it for a new one. It is great working with a local supplier who knows what he is doing.

Otherwise, not much else is going on. It is nice to get the wireless back online so I am not stuck to the wall.

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