Sunday, November 28, 2004

I hope that I did not bore you with my post yesterday. I, honestly, do not want this blog to become another political blog. While I definitely see the promise of political blogs, I just do not want to become that proficient in tracking stuff down so that I can comment on it. I have a PhD to do and I do not want to split my focus so much that I end up not doing a good job. In any case, this is supposed to be about my time in Scotland not the problems back home.

I did the dishes from the party yesterday. It was a nuisance but my roommate and I did them. The kitchen is so small it is hard to actually work in there. I wonder how the people who lived here before (there were three of them) worked out how to manage the kitchen situation. I think that and the stairs of doom are the only drawbacks from this flat.

In other news, we some how ended up frying the wireless router while we unplugged it and plugged it back in. This is rather confusing because we have done this before. I wonder if there was something wrong with the router when we bought it. My roommate is taking it back to the place we bought it from. I hope we do not have to buy another one because it was very expensive.

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