Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I received an urgent notice in my portal in my lofty fortress of Bristo Castle (alright, Bristo Tower...Bristo "I have to walk up five flights of stairs" Tower). It stated that a magical item (incidentally with 6 +5 chocolate bars of healing) had been intercepted by the brigands known as Royal Mail and was being held in their fortress in the nest of villainy known as Leith Walk.

So I quickly devised a plan to rescue the +5 chocolate bars from their confinement. First, I rounded up my trusty henchwoman (aka my roommate) and we girdled our equipment. I, with my +2 wax cavas and wool armor and my backpack of holding (it can carry 20+ lbs. of groceries), and her, with her armor of "look at me; I am a walking target" wetness shielding. We set out from the center of the lovely city of Dún Eideann.

Luckily for us; my informant had left a crude sketch of the location of the fortress. We set out. The first part of our journey was uneventful as we made our way across the good city of Dún Eideann. It was marked by beautiful views of the Good Queen's Castle and Palace. However, with the good comes the bad as we crossed the boundary into the dreaded Leith Walk just across the Nor' Loch from the Good Queen's fair city.

We followed the crudely scratched map on the note until it failed us. I then rolled my navigation skill. Unfortunately for us, I failed the roll miserably. We wandered about for a while before my trusty henchwoman decided to ask a local for directions. Good thing I had a few pieces of local silver to help the denizen remember where the fortress was. Unfortunately, the dastardly old man took my silver and give us bad directions. We wandered about for a while longer until we again tried our luck with the locals. This time our bribery worked and we were given correct directions.

It was only then that we realized the large challenge that lay before us. The fortress was huge. Almost as big as the Good Queen's Castle. It had a moat with the most attentive sentries that I have ever seen. The fortress and moat was also ringed by a rather large iron fence. We decided to attempt to blend in as locals while probing their defenses for weaknesses. I rolled my disguise skill and it was successful. We were able to closely inspect the fence. After a few minutes, we found a crack in the fence. We slipped through and found a door into the fortress. We explored the small room for a bit then a servant employed by the brigands appeared. I thought quickly and decided to use some forged documents that I keep for just this occasion and rolled my deception skill, telling the servant that I was sent for the magic items. The servant studied my documents quickly and assented to my request. I waited until he returned with the magic items. He returned with the boxes which contained the items and bade me on my way. I and my henchwoman quickly removed ourselves from the fortress and made our way back to the fair city of Dún Eideann.

Once out of the dreaded Leith Walk, we made our way to celebrate in one of the many fine hostelries in the Queen's fair city. Once done, we returned to my tower abode joyous in our victory!

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