Thursday, November 25, 2004

I saw something very interesting last night at Sandy Bell's. I was sitting on a bench near the musician's table when a customer, whom I had seen on previous nights at Bell's, went rigid and fell directly on to the floor, pushing the musician's table out of the way as he went down. It was like watching a statue fall over. I stood up and looked down the bar for the staff to call an ambulance. Well, a bunch of people gathered around rather awe-struck at the suddenness of it all. After a few seconds, he just bounced up off the floor and said that he was fine. Someone pulled him up a chair and he continued drinking like nothing happened. I am very sure that he suffered a seizure but he seemed fine after his brief lie-down.

This was the first time that I had ever seen something like that. I have run into many different types of medical problems but I had never seen a person just fall over like that. He was walking and talking just a few seconds later. Anyway, he had a bloody nose and his face is probably going to hurt tomorrow.

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