Sunday, November 21, 2004

I was looking at the Amazon page of the Intellectual Impostures book that I linked yesterday. I noticed that in the US that you could only get it through someone called internationalbooks. Well, I have a feeling that it is not published in America, which is much to our shame since it would blow away many of the "relativist" school of the American intelligentsia. If you do not want to pay the $110 that the seller on Amazon is trying to sell it for, the ISBN of the book number is 1861971249. Drop by your local book seller and see if they can get it. If they cannot, those with my email address can drop me an email and I will see how much it is here. Honestly, I think it is really important to get this book into the US, especially, into the Universities.

While I am on the topic of books, I have another good one entitled Godless Morality, which I think should be required reading for anyone in the American left. It was written by the Episcopal Arch-Bishop of Edinburgh. The style he uses is highly readable and is not dry in the least. This makes it much more accessible than many other books on philosophy and social policy. With the Republicans getting everything they ever wanted now, this is a good way to hearten the discouraged liberal.

Otherwise, yesterday's hunting and gathering trip was successful. We now have a jar of this stuff sitting in our living room. It is hard not to want to play with it much like a child likes to play with a new toy. The stuff should be ready after Christmas but we are going to open it on Christmas day. It should be fine give or take a couple of days.

Also while I was out, I priced memory cards for my new digital camera. I settled for a 256 MB card for £30. I am not quite sure what to do about the Flickr account since I have to pay to be able to put more pictures up every month. Right now, I can upload (send to them) 10 MB of pictures every month. Since I have such a high resolution camera, that means I can only send 10 or so pictures every month. If you want to be able to upload more, you have to pay a yearly fee ($50/year) so that you can have 1 GB of upload per month. So until I pay the fee, you are going to get only 10 or so pictures a month on here. In any case, I get the card in about a week so I am not really worried about it yet.

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