Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I went on my first geocaching hunt today. It retraced the history of the famous Hare and Burke. It all started when a friend of mine from home was in the city for a few days. He stopped by my place and was talking about it (it has been a pastime of his for a while). I showed him around George Square then I was going to let him go but he said that he was going down into the Cowgate area, which is infamous as a no-go area for tourists so I decided that I would tag along. When you do geocaching you must have a GPS device to track the coordinates. So I decided that it would be easier for me to go with him (I did not think he needed to know about the advisory and it would be fun anyway). It was a fun chase across the Old Town Edinburgh. I felt like I was at least marginally useful in getting us fairly close to the exact spot. We did have trouble at the end with the slightly off coordinates but we made it in the end!

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