Monday, November 01, 2004

The last few days have been very busy. On Friday, I had my roommate's birthday so we had a few people over for a party. Not that many. I think there were seven of us in total. We played Trivial Pursuit and my team won. The only problem with the game was that they had UK oriented questions so you would get "What BBC program from the 1950's which was still in black and white and based on a book that was only published in the UK...". You get the idea. Those ones threw me.

The next day I volunteered to do the dishes, which was just about every dish in our flat. So I listened to Radio nan Gaidheal while I was doing the dishes. They had a very eclectic style. Unfortunately, they only broadcast a few hours a day since they cannot seem to get funding from the BBC. After that I went to help a friend take stuff to the dump. That was an interesting experience. We just drove in dropped our stuff off and left. They did not charge us for the privlege of dumping stuff off. That is much different than home where they will stiff you for every cent they can get.

The next day was Halloween so I went to my Highland Society meeting and we talked about stuff. I am going to redesign their web page so I am going to have them over on Wednesday to talk about it. In more exciting news, BBC Radio Scotland is going to have a talk with Americans on November 3rd. I am going to go along to see what is the fuss. Hopefully, we will not have a tidal wave of lawsuits and we will have a clear winner by then. Otherwise, it is going to be a very interesting show. They are having trouble finding Republicans. They have a slew of Democrats so they put out a call for Republicans.

Today I spent three hours in the National Library of Scotland, which is blessedly just down the street from my flat. Honestly, this flat is ass kicking. My local pub is the pub that I spend the most time in anyway and everything is within five minutes walk. The only disadvantage is the 4 floor stair climb that I have to do when I leave the flat. That sucks. Anyway, I need to get working.

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