Monday, November 15, 2004

Ok, I know I have posted a bunch today but I thought of something else that I think would be of interest. I am sure you have heard about all the programming and technical jobs, which are being outsourced to India. Well, I have a great way of getting back at them. As soon as your company tells you that your job has moved overseas, you get together and pool your severance pay, if you have any, and create a partnership company which then buys stock in India of the company to which your company outsourced your job. This can also work if you hear rumors about outsourcing. You and several other potential victims create a partnership company and put away part of your paychecks each month into the partnership account. Then, when the hammer falls, you buy up the Indian company's stock. What is the point? Well, when the India company gives out dividends they give you money which was yours anyway. If you are really angry, you just buy up the stock until you own a controlling share in the Indian company. It is the economic equivalent of giving your short-sighted company the finger.

What you do after that is up to you and your partners. One thing to do would to reinvest the money into hiring US workers for a particular purpose that you decide on. In a software context, you can basically use the money your old company used to outsource to fuel a competitor in their market place. In essence, you are taking their money and using it to compete against them.

There is one thing working for you and one working against you in this senerio. The thing working for you is that India is looking for foreign investment and will not really scrutinize what you are doing. Also, the rupee is very very cheap compared to the dollar so you will be able to use that in your favor. The thing working against you is economic necessity and persistence. You have to be persistent in wanting to get back at them.

Hopefully, this will be the last post for today.

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