Friday, November 26, 2004

One of the many conceits that I allow myself is a hot shave. Here in Scotland, it is easy to find a barber shop which gives hot shaves. I usually go to a Turkish one on the other side of Arthur's Seat but today I went to one on St. Patrick's street near the university.

I went inside and I talked to a Russian man whom I have seen there before. He said that he could do a hot shave for me. When he asked if I wanted a mustache, I told him that I did not want one but he did not understand me and started in with the view to having a mustache. Well, when you have a very large Russian guy with a very sharp implement in his hand over your face, you tend not to argue with him.

As part of the service, he gives a massage. Well, he was a bear of a man and he gave the most bone crushing massage that I have ever had. I guess in a way you have to have a bone crushing one since if he gave a more light one, it might be considered a sissy massage not a manly one.

Yesterday, I turned in an application for an account at the Bank of Scotland since I have become sick of the poor service of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Well, I was basically thinking that I would not hear from the Bank of Scotland for a while but I got a phone call today from them saying that they would be able to give me everything I wanted that the Royal Bank of Scotland had refused to me since I was an overseas student. Now that is what I call service. I will now be able to buy things from Europe and use my card instead of having cash in places where I do not want to have cash.

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