Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well, I just got back from Sandy Bell's. It is interesting to gauge the difference audiences on different nights. On Friday night, you usually get a large boisterous young crowd and the musicians reflect this audience. On other nights of the week, it has been my observation that the crowd is much less talkative and much more appreciative of the musicians. On this night, there were a few young musicians playing with older ones. We even had a young singer doing some highland ballads.

In another sense, it is interesting to note that in this setting I could definitely sit down and appreciate the ballads more than I ever could listening to a recording. As a recording, the singer is remote and not appealing. You never see her/him and it seems like they do not have any impact on your life. Whereas, rock or pop have much more impact since everyone is talking about it. Ballads/folk do not since they are presented as remote from your every day life. In this instance, her songs were in my life, affecting every about my life at that moment. I think that if you could connect people's real lives to the music you want them to listen to then they would be able to understand the feelings you get from that type of music.

On the other hand, there were some really rude French girls in the pub. They started talking in French, figuring no one could understand them. I think they needed to be a bit more careful with their words. They wanted this guy they were with to do highland dancing and were generally making fun of it. He obviously did not know French so he was just going along with the pretty girls. I generally have a high regard for French people since I have never run into rude French people. If you make an effort, they generally reciprocate the consideration. These girls were just drunk and rude. Oh well.

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