Monday, November 15, 2004

Well, my dad (bless his heart) has sent me a nice new digital camera. This brings with it many opportunities to share Scotland with every one back home and other international friends who like to keep up with me. It also brings some new challenges. This blog was really just for disseminating information to people back home. Now that I have a digital camera, I had to figure out a way to make my new digital pictures visible from my blog. Before I had all my pictures on a Yahoo account but I could not figure out a way of linking directly to any one picture. So I did a search around the internet and I think I found a place that will allow me to do that. This also brings up the nasty issues of digital copyrights. I do not want someone taking my photos and my writing and using them for something that I did not intend them to be used for. So, this blog has grown up a bit because of these considerations. First, I am placing all of my pictures and text here on my web site that I take under the Creative Commons copyright licensing scheme. This will help protect me against people using my stuff illegally. I know this may seem heavy-handed but I feel like I need to protect my work (especially, if I take some really good landscape pictures that someone may want to buy someday).

What does this all mean? It means you will see two new buttons at the top of this blog. The first is for all the text on this blog, which will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attributive/Non-Commercial License. All digital photographs which appear on this web site or are linked to my Flickr account are under the Creative Commons Attributive/Non-Commercial/Non-Derivative License.

In other news, I am still waiting for the power workman to show up since they said that he would be here between 7 am and 1 pm. Well, it is after 1 pm now and he has not shown up. I think I am going to have to call the power company tomorrow. This is just another part of the on-going saga of my flat. I really hate doing this. I hope we can get this resolved soon.

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