Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well, today was a very busy day for me. I stayed up until 1:30 am watching the results of the election. Then my internet went down until 4:30 so I kind of slept until then when I noticed that it came back on. I then got back on to watch it until 5:30 when I finally went to bed. I got up at 7:00 am to get ready to go to the BBC studios here in Edinburgh. I then waited outside my door to be picked up by the taxi they sent to get me. He took me down near the parliament building where I went into a tiny office with only a big screen TV, two studio booths, and a receptionist. A little while after I arrived a young lady came in and we were introduced. She was Janet and had voted for "W". The receptionist then put us in one of the booths with two head-sets and a microphone. He was kind enough to get me some coffee, which I needed badly. So we talked while waiting to do the debate. We chatted about the election and we decided that they probably wanted a fight so we were not going to give them one since one of the people on the radio was saying that the Americans were at each other's throats, which we both knew to be untrue. We wanted to project a rational and reasonable America to the Scottish people. After about 45 minutes, they finally had us on and it was for like five minutes. They mostly asked us about how much confidence we had in the elections in Ohio. We both agreed that we had confidence and that Bush had a good night. They asked me how I felt about the potential of another Bush administration and I told them that we should wait until the final votes were counted. After that we picked up our taxis and went home.

Once home, I took a nap until 11:30 then went to the large meeting of Americans on another BBC Radio Scotland show. I only spent the first hour there but we had a pretty crazy Republican lady but we were mostly polite to each other, which I think was a testament to how we are all taking this election. They had a political science lecturer on the program as well. When I was on the mic and started to talk about how there were so many investigations and that we really should look forward to those and how those investigations could allow the Democrats the ability to lay the ground work for a 2008 bid for the White House, she was nodding her head. I think that if the investigations, especially the one in the no-bid contract's with Hailliburton, pan out and the President gets caught red handed as the crook he is that the 2006 elections really could be the turning point that will allow the liberals to drive the agenda in a way not seen since the New Deal and the Great Society.

Anyway, my fifteen minutes of fame are up and I am very tired so I think I will go to bed soon. I am going to get a copy of the debate from them so I can burn a copy and send it to you so that you can hear what I and Janet had to say.

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