Monday, November 15, 2004

With all that explained, we can now get on with some of the pictures that I have recently taken with my new camera.

This picture was taking from my living room window. It has a spectacular view of Arthur's Seat in the afternoon. It is fun to sit by the window and watch the clouds roll over it. The only problem with it is the building that is in the foreground, known as Potterrow. It houses the Student Union stuff, the Chaplinancy, and the school Medical facilities. It is an ugly behemoth which squats right down in front of Arthur's Seat.

This picture was again taken from my living room window. This time down into Bristo Square. During the day you can usually see a bunch of hoodlums on bicycles and skateboards trying desperately to kill themselves. On the day I took this, it was very quiet. Also, on Friday and Saturday night it is filled with drunken hordes of students who pass through there on their way to the next boozer.

This picture from my living room is of the greatest building in Edinburgh. This is, of course, said with much sarcasm because this is one of the worst buildings ever created. And to think this is on the list! (the list in the UK is much like the historical register but with massive teeth attached) It is basically rotting and this is its good side (believe me the other side is MUCH worse).

This picture is of McEwan hall. This is where I will graduate in January. It was built in the 18th century with money donated by the McEwan brewery, which interestingly enough is still in business and its McEwan 80/- (there used to be an 80 pence tax by weight on this beer) is quite good with a nice sweet nutty flavor. In any case, I will get a better picture of it another day.

This picture is of the dome of the Old College of Edinburgh. This is the original buildings, which housed the University. I have posted other pictures of the courtyard before this.

If you look really closely at this picture, you will see the crown top of St. Giles Cathedral. I should go out some foggy night and get a good picture down the Royal Mile. In the foreground is the Scottish Museum and the Royal Scottish Museum.

This picture is of my living room. Nice, huh? Can you notice that my roommate decorated?

My central hallway. Not the greatest picture ever but it is a very cramped hallway. You can barely get two people to pass in there.

Ah, the infamous stairs of DOOM. My roommate is looking up at me from below. We were on our way to Sandy Bell's pub on a Friday night.

This blurry picture was taken the same night as the Stairs of Doom picture. My roommate's face got in the way a bit but this is a typical night at Sandy Bell's pub.

Flickr has a monthly upload limit, which I am very near. I took the landscape pictures on the highest setting so it ate up a bunch of space. In any case, I will up load more with commentary here later. If you go into my account and see more pictures, some I may not have commentary attached yet but let me know and I will link it here with commentary.

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