Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yesterday, while I was picking up books on theory, I ran across a book that anyone in the humanities should read. It is entitle Intellectual Impostures. It catalogs the abuse of science by some of the "great" French humanity and social "science" thinkers of the twentieth century. I really do think that everyone in the humanities should read it. I can now tell postmodernists to go take a flying leap. I had in the past, in any case, but now I can do it in a more forceful and well thought out way. In the same vein, my roommate found this little gem about intellectual fraud in the world of mathematics.

If you have read this blog for a while, you may have noticed that my spelling is rather bad. In the past, I used spell check to make sure that I had everything spelled right but then I got lazy about it. Especially when I was writing some of my travel entries because they were long and I did not want to sit through it. Well, I got fed up with the spelling errors so I went back through all of my entries from now until when I returned from home and fixed all the problems. I hope this makes it easier for many to read.

Today my roommate and I are going to go hunting and gathering for a Danish Christmas drink. Of course, this means alcoholic drink. For this to work you need: 1 fifth of Vodka, 40 coffee beans, 40 square sugar cubes, 1 Orange, which is washed well and pricked all over with a fork, 1 vanilla bean pod spilt down the middle. Put this into a canning jar, which has an open large enough to retrieve the orange at the end of the process. Put on a shelf for 40 days and tilt back and forth occasionally to keep the sugar from hardening. After 40 days, strain the liquid. My roommate also had the idea of taking the coffee beans and grinding them up to make some sort of strange coffee drink as well. We are going to try it once this is all done but for now we have to get the ingredients.

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