Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Before I forget about this, I had a really crazy dream last night. I was on an airplane going to Wales. When it landed, I got off then onto a bus. I handed the woman bus driver my ticket and she seemed to understand so I sit down. After a few minutes, I realized that I am not in Wales. The bus drives for a while and we get to this tiny seaside village with the Mediterranean in full view. I somehow ended up in Thessilonica, Greece. So I get off will all of my stuff and start looking around. Being the lost accidental tourist that I am, one of the locals comes up to me and starts guiding me towards this mostly outdoor restaurant (like they have in hot Mediterranean areas). I tell him that I was supposed to be in Wales and he says, "Wales? You are in Greece now, friend. Let's have some food." When I explain that I do not have any money, the guy behind the grill says, "Who cares? Eat!" Then I woke up. Wow. That was just strange.

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