Thursday, December 09, 2004

I just wanted to let you know that I just upgraded my flickr account to the paid version so that I can put up many more photos. I am going to go back through the ones that I put on Yahoo and put them up here so people can see them and I can keep track of them. So you may see many duplicates in the near future. Also, I will comment on my new pictures here soon but you can go here if you just cannot wait.

Yesterday, the power guy came to look at our meter. My roommate was here so she talked to him about it. He thinks that the barcode for our meter is wrong and that, since Scottish meters are different than English ones, the power company in England did not read ours correctly. He is going to contact them and then they are going to contact us. He also said that this is a common occurrence so not to worry about it.

It is less than ten days before one of my best friends is going to fly out to see me. I cannot wait to show him around. I may not be able to blog while he is here but I am going to take a bunch more pictures and post them here.

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