Monday, December 20, 2004

In Washington diverse enough for two states in today's Seattle PI, Mr. David Harnden-Warwick brings up the idea of partition of my home state of Washington into Western and Eastern halves. This is not a new idea. The Native Americans even knew this. The fact of the matter is that those who have such a large natural boundary are not going to have a common outlook on life. In the West, we like people and want to help them. In the east (with the possible exception of Spokane), they hate themselves and each other (just look at neo-conservatives; there has to be some amount of self loathing going on). I think that the citizens of Washington State should seriously consider partition. Sure the east will struggle because they will not have the huge tax base of Seattle to prop them up anymore but they will only have themselves to blame. While in the West, we can enjoy the fruits of our labor with all our citizens.

I think this is endemic of a larger problem. American leftists want disadvantaged (whether that minorities or displaced workers) people to be dependent on government for support. American neo-conservatives want all people to be dependent on business and not the government. While government can go terribly wrong, I am much more scared of being dependent on businesses, which do not have a large power balancing mechanism (like the three branches of government in the US does). Without this balancing mechanism, business will do the most unethical things that it can to make a profit. This is a fact; not a debate. Just look at the Manchester mill owners of the 19th century or the 20th century mine owners. The same is happening in the 21st century computer industry (ever wondered why MS's software is so bad?). Business is unethical to its core although that is not to say that it is unsavable. It is but government is going to be forced to step in just like it had to in the first part of the 20th century to protect the rights of its citizens.

That is enough ranting for now. My friend is still asleep. I think I will wake him up soon.

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