Thursday, December 09, 2004

It's that time again! Yes, I just got back from a community pantomime or as they call them here "panto". All over Scotland this time of year communities are putting on these "pantos". The one I went to was an amateur production. They have full blown professional productions with famous actors and actresses. The "panto" is a completely scripted. When I mean scripted, I mean even the audience knows what is going on. There are no twists and no turns and everyone has a good time. Audience participation is required (this is much the same a kabuki theater in Japan, which is an amusing interlude between the noh theater acts). They can get quite rude if you have an all adult audience. I am definitely going to see a professional production.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

A while back, there was a graduation at McEwan hall. I caught this out of my window. This is after the ceremony when everyone goes off to the pub for a few celebratory drinks.

Recently, I have been taking pictures of street signs. This is in George Square. The street signs in Edinburgh are quite nice actually. In the same vein, I took a picture of Flodden Wall (PS that is not the TARDIS. If it were, I would not be here right now. Or was it then?) as well. Flodden Wall was put up after the Scots lost to the English at Flodden in the Borders. It marked the outer boundary of the city.

Near the High Street, there is Victoria Street, which goes down into the Grassmarket, but just above that is Victoria Terrace, which is a walking mall and if you want to avoid the charity people (the ones who are trying to get your money for some charity; not the homeless), it is quite nice.

I got this gem, while at my current roommate's old flat, which was just around the corner from the castle. She really likes it.

This is what a close feels like when you are inside of it. At least, I hope this picture gives you that feeling

I could not leave without showing you this. It just screams "I Want to Eat Your Brains!" I did not alter this image in any way and you can find it all over Edinburgh right now. I would not want to near this guy for fear of what little brains I have left.

The Knights of St. John also known as the Knights Templar are here in Edinburgh. They were kicked out during the reformation, which brought in John Knox and his lot. Recently, they run ambulance service in coordination with NHS Scotland. They have their priory near the High Street in Canongate area. They used to have a cross erected on the High Street as well.

Last but definitely not least is the close named after my grandmother. Now, I have to say that I never knew she was so famous in Scotland. Well, actually, she just shares the same last name as several benefactors to the city of Edinburgh but I just like to think that she is somehow connected.

There are many more pictures now up on my flickr account that I have not commented on here. Please let me know if you want me to comment on any others here.

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