Thursday, December 16, 2004

Old Edinburgh Part II

The last installment really was just a look at my university's situation when it built some of the buildings that are in my picture stream at Flickr. Now I am going to talk about something a bit closer to home. McEwan Hall has been in Bristo Square since the early 19th century. Bristo Square has changed quite a bit since then but McEwan Hall remains the same. I wonder if they had kept Bristo Square as it was, would the little hellions still be trying to kill themselves there? In any case, if you want to see part of the build in which I live look at the upper right hand corner of the old McEwan Hall image. The window there is my next door neighbor's window.

Today, a pub called Doctor's sits at this site. It is actually a very nice pub. Unlike Sandy Bell's, they have space to spread people around rather than jamming them all against the bar or in the back. They named it Doctor's because it was directly across the street from the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Nicholson St. is where much of today's action in Edinburgh is for the locals. There are many stores, shops, and restaurants along it. Old College, of course, never looked like it does in the first picture nor as it does today. Of course, Nicholson St. today has a very different look than it did back then. Especially, since we do not use horse drawn carriages anymore. Horseless carriages were the way of the future!

I hope you have enjoyed another look at Edinburgh's recent (as far as the whole history of the city is concerned) past. There will be one last look at historic Edinburgh. Stay tuned!

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