Friday, December 17, 2004

Old Edinburgh Part III

This will be the last installment of this series as we have generally gone through the more interesting pictures that I had found. The way to find more is by click on some of them that I have presented here then the page should have the set of "historic edinburgh" on it. Anyway, on with the pictures!

Chambers Street is only a few yards away form where I currently live. It is where the Sheriff's Court (like a district court in the US) and the Crown Office (the prosecutor's office in the US) are. Across the street from them is the Royal Museum of Scotland. The statue in the picture above is still there today.

The Festival Theater today looks much different than it did in the 1920's. Today, right next door (on the left in the picture) is my favorite cafe in Edinburgh. Across the street, it has not changed very much since the 18th century, when the Surgeon's College was built. Incidentally, the Surgeon's College has a museum of medical curiosities which it opens to the public once a year.

Remember when I wanted to know the difference between, a pend, a close, and a rat infested Scottish alleyway? Well, at least in the alley way, you know what to expect. This actually only exists as a set of stair steps today near Guthrie Street. At least it is much cleaner now than it was then.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick look at the past of Edinburgh. It is funny how much things have changed in less than a century. I will, of course, continue to post modern pictures of Edinburgh and Scotland on my Flickr page as I see it.

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