Sunday, December 12, 2004

Since I upgraded my Flickr account, I have decided to take a look around Flickr to see what I bought. For instance, I can look at pictures people post to Flickr as they come, which can lead into some curious observations. For instance, the people who use Flickr love cats. I have seen nearly every type of cat there is. Every time you reload the "Everyone's photo" page (see link above), you see at least one cat. Another instance is the narcissistic woman. While fun to look at, I do not see the point. In any case, you can mark favorite pictures so I have marked some of my favorites from the ones that I have seen on Flickr. You can probably tell that I like Zen gardens and landscapes in general.

Otherwise, I was in the library today. I think I may have complained about this before but the university's library is not open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is unlike the University of Washington, which has their library open every day and all the time. This creates some problems when I want to do research at odd hours or I need something at that moment. I have complained to them but they seem rather oblivious to it. I have heard from others that the American students became restive a few years ago and forced the library to stay open longer. I say that they did not do enough. So, I did my research and I wanted to check out a book. No, I could not do that. I wanted to photocopy it. No, I could not do that either (I finally found one that worked but it was very annoying).

Anyway, I am going to bed soon.

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