Saturday, December 18, 2004

Well, I gave transcribing the poem that my professor gave to me a try today. It is rough. I could not figure out some of the scribal contractions. I do not have Kuno Meyer's transcription with me so I could not compare mine with his. Here is what I have (without translation):

F. Nvcua mé. lilfes do neoch dara (???).
   Gāel gach nua lan̄ cach sgith.
   ni (?) an̄ fith fo geb.

C. A Fitħ.
   An biucā g̃ dar si thaig.
   Ní iád do char arrataib.
   Fátħ cid fir nach Fitħ. ʃ ríġ

F. A Corm̄.
   Comcít ráilei 7 orrdc̄.
   Cid einech rō tidnaic.
   Atar dīdaig (?) artorb̅t. ʃ mór 

C. A F. eb̃ cid lin̄ íar lithaiḃ.
   Bíd conthr̄ (?)iniuir bíd it (?) iar nóla F. ʃ is ismeradf(?)air

F. Is dō f(?)ath
   rolin̄ fetsa deit c(?) leir luat (???).
   Beith ac tiˉgna g(?)eth grac ʃ deibech.

C. Gid meisi ní cél ar neich.
   bid (?) aral gid air ir̄ (??) messa ticteich.
   Amus īail oir b̅eich.

F. Nihail dā.
   rc̄ dsie nacam cara.
   n(?)ga toruein ort mo big.
   Cid ciā omtír do rala.

There is much there that I do not understand yet but there is enough that I do understand that I think I will be able to figure it out on Monday when I can get Meyer's version. I then have to get the Book of Leinster version and compair them. I will then hopefully translate them. I have to have this done by the 10th of January.

I hope this gives you a view on what I am going to be doing for my Ph. D.

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