Thursday, December 02, 2004

A while back when the flat was not yet done, we had many different workmen going in and out. After attempting to talk to many of these guys, I have come to the conclusion that all Scots workmen are from Aberdeen. If you have ever heard Aberdonian, words like "fit" (meaning "what") and "ken" (meaning the loosest sense "know or understand" as in "Do you ken?") come directly to mind. They are almost as bad as Glaswedgian except that their dialect is not dying out but seems to just keep going. Even after we had workmen through the flat, whenever we had workmen come, they have been from Aberdeen. I am beginning to suspect a conspiracy.

A friend of mine emailed me a few days ago to tell me some of the etymology of the word "dekko". He says that it comes from Australian slang crossed with Cockney. Partially, he may be correct. The number of Australians here in Scotland is extraordinary. The only problem is that a huge number of Scots were moved during the Clearences of the mid-19th century to Canada and Australia so it may be an indigenous word. I have a great way to check this, however. The dictionary of the Scots language is done in my department so I am going to go down there and ask them if they know where it came from. They should have a good idea even if they do not know the whole story. Stay tuned for the answer!

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