Sunday, January 23, 2005

My mother is doing quite well here in Scotland. Even the Stairs of Doom are not posing too much of a problem for her. Yesterday, I took her down to the train station to get tickets for her journey to Aldebourgh in East Anglia. I then took her to the Parliament building and then up to the Elephant House cafe. She is settling in well. Today, I took her over to the Scottish Studies Librarian's home. We had a lovely time with her family. They even gave my mother a haggis to take down to her friends in Aldebourgh. I take her down to the train station tomorrow morning.

To change gears a bit, just as there are other words here in Scotland for various items, there is another word for a turnip here. They call it a "swede" just like a person from Sweden. It has become a running joke here to say something like "I will not be a minute. I am chopping up the Swede." Laughter is had by all while we get about making dinner.

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