Saturday, January 08, 2005

The other day, my roommate had to go to Glasgow to get her visa renewed. She asked me to go with her since she was uncomfortable going alone. She got the train tickets and we were set. I had to get up at 6 am to go down to the train station since she had an appointment between 8:30 am and 11:00 am. So we got on the train after I got my hands on a coffee. It was completely dark on the ride over to Glasgow.

We arrived at Queen Street Station and immediately hopped in a taxi. We told him that we needed to go to the immigration office on Brand street. Well, he started to drive us into these really sleazy looking parts of Glasgow.

He dropped us off at some non-descript buildings and we made our way to the door that they told us to go to. After going through security, we were met by a large room with walls painted lightly purple and seats of cool hard steel. Well, we settled in. Good thing we left as early as we did since we were first in line. We were still there for two hours as they processed her and she got her visa.

After getting her visa, we left but then had to return because we had no idea where we were. The nice security people told us how to get the the subway station near-by. Now, I have never been on a subway so this was going to be exciting. We walked down to Cessnock Station. Well, it was like I had been in a time warp into the seventies. It bright orange with horrible looking seats. I did not want to get pegged as a terrorist so I did not take any pictures. Also, the subway trains did not look like they had seen the rough side of a brush for many a year.

The subway took us back to Queen Street Station where I took a picture of Queen Vicky on her horse and a shot of George Square (yes, there is one in Glasgow as well as Edinburgh). We wandered around for a while and that is when I saw the TARDIS that is featured at the top of today's post.

After having something to eat, we decided to wander a bit more. So we went up past the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Well, we got tired of walking so we stopped by the nearest train station, which happened to be Charing Cross. When we arrived we asked someone about our tickets and if they would work on that line, the person said that they did and there was noone else around to ask. While we were waiting for the train, I took a picture that I think will tell you exactly where British Punk Rock came from in the late seventies. Who the heck thought that this soul destroying stuff would be the wave of the future? We got on the train, when we got off at Queen Street Station we tried to go through the turn-styles and we were not let through. A conductor asked how we got on the train since our tickets would not work, we told him that we just hopped on at the last stop. There was nothing to stop us. We asked if we needed to pay but he just let us through. Luckily enough, it was just in time to catch the next train back to Edinburgh. I took a picture of the tower blocks, which Glasgow is famous for.

That was my adventure in Glasgow. I have many more pictures on my Flickr site if you are interested.

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