Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today was the first day of my Old Irish poetic metrics class. I never really enjoyed poetry before I really started to like haiku a while back. I have some examples of haiku that I have written in Latin. If anyone wants to have a look, I will post it here if I get enough requests. Anyway, Old Irish poetic metrics are hard first because Old Irish is just a plain difficult language and second because the three major types of metrics are just difficult to understand. Of course, this all starts off easy. Then you get into consonant classes when trying to understand the rhyme of a particular couplet. I will write here more about that when I have read a bit more.

My mother is coming tomorrow and I have to go to Glasgow to pick her up from the airport. I can only hope that everything goes well and she enjoys her stay. I have not even thought about what we are going to do while she is here or how I am going to get in work time for my classes while she is here. Hopefully, when she goes down to Suffolk, I will get some time to work.

Otherwise, all is well. I put up more pictures on my flickr account from the wollen mill near the castle.

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