Saturday, January 29, 2005

Well, last night was graduation. It nearly did not happen. Well, I got up and had some breakfast. Then I went over to get a shave so that I did not look like I walked in off the street. This time went better than last since my face did not look like mince. After that, I went home to pick up my stuff for my talk. When I got to the department, we found out that the guy who does the technical stuff had not been in all week. We were not sure what was going to happen. I needed my computer to do the presentation. There was no other way to do it. Well, it was there but not the microphone that I wanted to use for a demonstration. I went ahead without it. Everyone was very interested in my topic and it went well. I hope that I sparked their interest. It just seems funny to me that the Computer Science department does not run these sorts of things. There are so many other departments that could use this kind of introduction to computer topics. I guess the Computer Science department is just too busy.

Once I was finished with my talk, we went down to McEwan Hall to get my academic robes. Once we got those, we went back up to my flat to get dressed in my kilt and robes. I opened the door to find three Aberdonian workmen tearing my bathroom apart. My mother told me that they had come to fix the leak in the toilet, which we had reported a week or so ago. When they flushed the toilet the last time, the toilet fell off the wall. So they had to fix it. Well, I am standing there going crazy because I need to take a shower. Happy to say that they left with the toilet fixed and ready for a shower.

I then took a shower and my roommate helped me into my kilt. It usually takes about an hour to get into a kilt but we rushed it since it was getting very close to the time. We finally got in and took some pictures (I will talk about how to see them in a moment) then went down to the graduation. I got registered for graduation and got my seat. I was sitting next to a very good looking Brazilian woman. Well, she had a pint before the ceremony so she was complaining that she had to pee. After the speeches and stuff, it was our turn to go up and get graduated. The tradition is that we get hit on the head with a hat made from the pants of John Knox. I find this very funny that I have to get hit on the head with a pair of pants.

With the ceremony over, we went over to the department to have a reception. Well, the ceremony went on so long that we could only stay there for a few minutes before dashing off to dinner reservations. Luckily they still had our table even though we were fifteen minutes late. We had a great dinner and then went down to Sandy Bell's for drinks and general chat. All in all, it was a great night.

For those of you that are genetically related to me, I have all of the pictures taken for graduation on Flickr but I have marked them private and for family viewing only. You must get a free Flickr account and make me a contact and I will let you see my graduation pictures. Otherwise, my mother has copies of them all on a CD and you can get them from her. For everyone else, a picture of me in my kilt and robes will be landing in your email inbox soon.

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