Sunday, January 30, 2005

Well, over the past few days, I have spent over 100 pounds on books. This is in contrast to my skinflint ways. I honestly had no choice over the matter. I had all the books on Early Irish Law from the library since noone really uses them but I can only check them out three times in a row then I must return them. I use these books all the time in my research so I honestly should have them on my bookshelf. The price was a bit steep but I got them from ABEBooks, which is a conglomeration of booksellers from all over the world. They are really great if you are looking for scholarly books because you cannot always get them after ten or so years and they do such limited printings for them that they fall off the "books published" list quickly.

Otherwise, things are going alright here. My mother and I went to St. Giles Cathedral today and I took a bunch of pictures of the stainedglass windows and the Thistel Chapel, which is where the highest order of Knights in Scotland meet every year before going to Holyrood Palace to have lunch with the Queen of Scotland and the Duke of Edinburgh.

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