Thursday, February 10, 2005

As interesting nights go, this one is on the top of my list. Yesterday, I had completely forgot a meeting of the highland society. My roommate emailed me and reminded me so I ran down to see them. Nice thing that the meeting place was just around the corner from my flat.

I arrive and the girls are already into their first bottle of wine. They were setting the program for the highland annual. They decided to have a program since so many people just go straight for the dancing that they miss all the other wonderful things that are going on. Anyway, the F. asks if I am doing anything tonight and that we should go to dinner. A few minutes later my roommate shows up.

(Honestly, it will get more interesting) After they finish their wine and we leave for Monster Mash down the road a bit (I was getting creeped out by this guy who was dancing by himself with headphones on). So we get to Monster Mash and the first thing F. does is start talking to the wait staff about giving out flyers. I told her that my roommate and I had already done the place but that did not stop her. She promised a dance and a tune for everyone in the place with J. and L. and her. So we order and talk for a while then she gets up (after much consternation about actually doing it) and she gets the wait staff to turn off the music. J. and L. get up and they start dancing in the very small aisle while F. played. Well, the wait staff passed out our flyers and we got deep fried ice cream so all was well.

During dinner we decided that we would go to J.'s place for some more gin and tonic. This was much more like was we usually do in America rather than go to a pub. So we catch a cab out to Brunsfield and meet I. who was teaching a Gaelic class that night. So we sat in J.'s kitchen and spoke a variety of Scots Gaelic and Irish Gaelic (mostly because that is all that I know at this point) and drank Gin and Tonics.

At one point during the night, J. got out her small pipes and F. decided to do some highland dancing in the middle of the kitchen floor. Well, she was actually quite good at it but she had so much to drink that when she started to fall she flung her hands out to catch herself against the wall. We all had a great time but all good things must come to an end. We caught a taxi back with I. and came home.

Now I have to spend the afternoon in the library trying to find any stories that contain Fíthal. I am doing through the death tales at the moment. Hopefully soon, I will find something more interesting to scan.

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