Monday, February 07, 2005

I went to an interesting graduation ceremony this morning. It was the honorary graduation of Alan Greenspan from the University of Edinburgh. He was in town to go to Kirkcaldy, which is the birthplace and home town of Adam Smith. Both Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and HRH Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, were on hand to officiate over the ceremony.

How did I get invited to this? My roommate and I received emails from the Registry office saying that they were giving away tickets to the event. So she picked some up and we went this morning. It was just like my graduation (even parts of the vice-chancellors speech was the same). They did have singing which I did not get at my graduation. Otherwise, it was quite interesting. Outside, there was a few protestors. One had a sign with the Illuminati symbol saying "We Know", which I found very funny.

Once we left, we had to go back to get my roommate's hat which she left under her chair. So we went in a side door and discovered that a fire alarm had gone off. It was lucky that it happened after everyone had left. So I went home to do some work. Anyway, it was an interesting experience and I will probably not be that close to either Royalty or political success in my life.

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