Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My laptop is finally back in my lap. They had to replace both the motherboard and the video card. Anyway, my tale of woe begins on Friday of last week. I noticed a yellow card just inside the front door to my block of flats. I picked it up and realized that the people who had shipped my laptop to Dell had tried to bring it back. I went up stairs and I tried to call them right then. Well, their customer service was closed. Who on Earth would try to deliver a package without having their customer service open so that if there is a problem, they can handle it? This makes no sense.

I called them up this morning and they said that they could send it out tomorrow. I did not want to wait another day to get my computer back into my waiting lap. I figured out how to get out to their package center on the bus. I took my roommate with me for protection so that there was at least one other person there if something went wrong. There was some argument about which direction to get on the bus but we caught the right one. It was pretty strange to have this huge yellow package with me on the bus.

The computer seems fine to me now. We will see. Macromedia Flash still makes it freeze with a high pitched whine. I told them about it but I doubt that they can do anything. I figure it is a problem with Flash. I have a three month warranty on all the parts and labor.

Otherwise, things are alright. Classes are over for the year except for the exams. I will probably sit my Old Irish exams just to see how badly I do on them. I still hate my new cell phone but luckily I have not given out the number to everyone on creation.

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