Tuesday, April 19, 2005

As funny stories go, this is only mildly amusing but I will try it. I got a call day before yesterday on my cell phone from my German friend. He had accidentally locked himself out of his flat. I can remember a few times doing this myself. So, I asked him where his roommates were. One of them was in Elgin, which is north of Oban, and he was not due in until the next day. The other was in Russia and was due in that night. He said that he would wait to see if the one from Russia would show up. I told him that he would be welcome to stay at my place if one of them did not arrive.

About three hours later, he called back and said that neither of them had arrived and he needed a place to stay for the night. I gave him my bed and shared my roommate's bed since she has a double bed (and a much nicer bed than mine). So we got up the next morning and had some breakfast with him. My roommate and I had some stuff to do so we went and did those. I came back after a bit with lunch for him and myself.

We talked about a bunch of stuff. He was periodically trying to call his Russian roommate during the day to see if he had returned. He finally called his other roommate in Elgin and found out that his Russian roommate had left his keys in Russia and was hanging around Edinburgh waiting for the third roommate to return. It would have been really funny if all three of them had left their keys behind. Anyway, about nine at night, the third roommate finally arrived at his flat and my friend was able to go home.

Yes, a minor daily event in Scotland.

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