Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Danish friend of mine is going to Iceland for the next four months so my roommate and I went with her to a Danish film called "In Your Hands" or in Danish "Forbrydelser". It was shot with a handheld camera and with very few sets. It was amazing to watch something that was about real people where you could not anticipate where the story would go next. The camera-work gave you the sense that you were watching something that was real not a contrived studio set. Things are also set up in a way that you never quite know if the characters took certain actions or not so it leaves somethings to your imagination.

When I think about it, American movies have devolved into a simple array of stereotypes, which are cleverly rearranged such that you are never forced to think about it. You are never engaged in the stories that are appearing on the screen. This style of filming is called Dogma style and I think it really releases some interesting ideas in film-making. This is not to say that everyone should make this type of film but I think it is an interesting way to be authentic without being contrived.

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