Thursday, April 28, 2005

Does anyone remember the Hokey-Pokie from their childhoods? You know the silly song and dance? Well, in Scotland, it is called the Hokey-Kokie. I discovered this horror a few months after my arrival. Who the heck calls it the Hokey-Kokie? I guess the Scots do.

It is amazing to think that those things, which are so familiar in the US, become new and foreign when you come to Scotland. Things change in subtle ways that you are not always aware of. Songs you learn in school, which talk about plains and mountains in the US; talk about heather and castles in Scotland and they both have the same tune (this, of course, depends on if you can decipher Scots, which is mostly not a problem with a few hard exceptions). You say to yourself "Ah! I know that song" and then it takes a turn for the bizzare as soon as you try to sing the lyrics as you know them. Everyone turns and looks at you like you are insane and maybe in a way you are.

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