Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I am going to rant about UN Security Council reform. According to the report by the Secretary-General, the Security Council should be expanded either by Model A, adding six new permanent seats, or Model B, adding no new permanent seats but adding four-year renewable seats. Now, Germany, Japan, India, and Brazil are running a campaign to have the new permanent seats under Model A.

My feeling is that Japan and German lost the right to sit on a worldwide Security Council when they walked out of the League of Nations and decided to wage World War and genocide. I dislike agreeing with the Chinese but they have a major point.

The United Nations was created out the rubble of the world after what the Germans and Japanese help start. They should never again be allowed to sit on anything more than the General Assembly and its various organs. The voice of their people should be heard on the world stage but they should never be given leadership positions.

Current history may prove me wrong, however if Shrub and his fascist crew have their way and our current actions on the world stage have been less than stellar. I can only hope that the United States can pull its head out of its ass before we are never allowed to sit in leadership positions on world bodies.

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