Sunday, April 10, 2005

I was reading around the web today and I ran across this article on the Washington Post website. It is scary stuff like this that makes me not want to come home.

From what I am reading on the news websites, I am getting the distinct impression that two branches of government are not enough for the ultra-conservative (if they are so conservative, why are they not conserving the filibuster, which has been around since the beginning of the Republic?) Republicans. They want it all, checks and balances be damned. This is how you create a dictatorial banana republic. Once one party has grabbed power, it is relatively easy to maintain it if you have control of all sections of the government.

First, however, they have to purge the judiciary. This is in fact what they are gearing up for. They need to create a false crisis (think Iraq or Social Security or the burning of the Reichstag). In this case, you have the "activist" judges. Then you purge a bunch that do not agree with you, which scares the others into line. Just wait, they will start screeching the same tune soon. Once they figure out that they cannot get rid of Social Security, they will try to get rid of those who laid down the legal framework for it.

Mark my words. Once our economy collapses from deficit spending (or when the Japanese and Chinese want those special favors for buying our debt), there will be hell to pay.

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