Sunday, April 03, 2005

Nan and I went down to the botanical garden today. The day was very nice. The sun was out and everyone had gone outside to feel the sun. Spring has definitely arrived if only for a few days before it starts raining again. I took a bunch of pictures and put them on my Flickr account. I even made it so that you can comment on them if you like. Some people had complained to me about it so I fiddled with the knobs and switches and got it to work. If you have a valid login and are a contact of mine on the site (most of your are by now), you can now comment to your heart's delight on my 1200+ pictures.

When we left to come back up to our place, we ended up taking the bus in the wrong direction. So I ended up seeing a bunch of the waterfront that I have never seen before. There are some blighted places around here. I feel to a certain extent that living in Old Town insulates me from the harsher edges of Edinburgh. However, that said, I have to say that the blighted edges here was nothing like living in downtown Everett in the middle of a near depression when the downtown core was completely hollowed out in the late eighties and nearly nineties. The crime rate was much higher than Scotland and it was not easy having a cocaine fiend living under us with all day and all night parties going all the time.

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