Friday, April 01, 2005

Ok, I am going to give in and show my geeky little heart. I tried to avoid it. I did not want to talk about but because I am just that much cooler than you because I live in the UK, I will talk about the newest Dr. Who. I have to preface this with the fact that the actor who plays Dr. Who in the new series has already quit because he did not want to be typecast. Well, guess what? He should have known that this would have happened when he signed on. We will see if they can lure him back with a large wad of cash. If the BBC needs help with that, they have my number (no, seriously, they do).

Well, everything starts in modern day London. They pretty well show the monotonous living that is to be found in London. London is not the hip happening place that everyone wants you to think it is. Yeah, sure they have that queen person but she is not all that exciting. Then you meet the Doctor's new companion, Rose. You see she works in a department store in downtown London and lives in Council Housing with her mother. The problem you see is that a large blob of living plastic has zapped in from outer space and intends on taking over the earth by remote control using the world's plastic items. Rose is nearly killed by mannequins which come alive under its influence. This is when she runs into the Doctor, who saves her using our old friend the Sonic Screwdriver (long live the Sonic Screwdriver!!!) and then tells her to run for her life. This is when you notice that they production of Dr. Who is far better now than ever. The department store exploding looked pretty good and the Sonic Screwdriver now has a cool blue ray that shoots out of it. In any case, it is the usual with Dr. Who. The Doctor with his companion save the world. Although, this time the companion had to help him out of his situation.

The Doctor is even more intense than ever. With a shaved head and a penetrating gaze, I would think that he could stop Davros with a mere look. He also now sports a nice Yorkshire accent. The actor himself is very capable in both the more serious sections of the episode, especially when he explains who the Doctor is to Rose, and when he does physical comedy (the part when the Doctor is being choked by a disembodied mannequin arm while Rose wanders around the house collecting things is very funny). Rose is compentently played by Billie Piper, who will continue in her role for another season but honestly she is eye candy (pretty darn good eye candy).

I really had hoped that Eccleston would continue in his role for at least three years. Other people who have played Dr. Who have gone on to good careers. Not as well recognized as Dr. Who but respectable. I can hope that the BBC can get him back for another couple of years.

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