Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This week is a busy week for me. Every day except Monday, I have an exam from 10 am to noon. Yesterday was the grammatical exam, which just covers grammatical points of underlined words in a text. I am taking a relaxed line with the exams. My instructor said that I would be taking them "for the good of my soul", which basically means that I was expected to take them even if I do not get a grade for it (I will get a grade but it will not count against my PhD). I took the exam and I was done in an hour. We had two hours to do it. I went over it twice to make sure that I understood the questions and the instructions. Well, either I did really well or I screwed the pooch. Oh, well.

Today was the translation exam. They gave us a page of text in Old Irish to translate into English. I had to skip a few words that I could not figure out but I think that I was the less tense of the bunch. Although, not getting graded for it tends to help the blood-pressure.

I have another exam tomorrow. I have no clue what it is on but honestly it does not really matter.

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